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If you are interested in a game of blackjack but do not find the classic game tempting, there are many alternatives to choose from. One of the most popular options is Spanish blackjack. This is a very popular game because the player has a relatively high change of winning thanks to the sufficiently low house edge.

Microgaming has an online version of Spanish blackjack if you are looking to play online. The game itself is standard Spanish blackjack carried over to the online environment. Rest assured the game is played with 8 decks of Spanish cards, each containing just 48 cards. The four tens are missing from the decks. What's great about this variation is that your blackjack, or your blackjack, always beats the dealer's and so you win every time you match the dealer. Late surrenders are allowed if you find that your cards are not good. Simply put, it's a classic that will make you feel at home immediately after sitting down.

The table and game graphics, however, are very plain. If you like dynamic tables, you are better off trying your luck playing a different game. Microgaming concentrated more on purpose than design. The advantage of this layout is that you can see everything on a single screen. While the bottom part of the screen resembles an Excel spreadsheet, even an amateur quickly comes up to speed and knows where to click and how to play. Just the hit (additional bet) button could be more noticeable. It can be difficult to click the right button with the cursor, as it is very small.

The absence of music was a surprise to us. Not that we missed the never-ending loop known from other games, but a player will notice the absolute silence when the game is started. There are a few sound effects in the game, for example, a colourless voice informing players on the state of the game.

To be honest, we grew bored with the game after some time of playing. To sit in silence, without audiovisual details, is not something that will keep us enticed for a longer period of time. Perhaps we have been too spoiled by competitor software.

We can definitely recommend Microgaming's Spanish blackjack to all players seeking instant entertainment and that do not have high demands for visual effects. Nothing will stand in the way of these players playing their hearts out. As far as the rest are concerned, try looking for another blackjack game, or Spanish blackjack game from a different provider.

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