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We're just getting to know the Red Tiger games. However, the online slot machines from Red Tiger got us very quickly with great playability, great graphics, and creative bonuses. And how did red tiger show up in the card game category?

His attempt to stand out with card games is an online game of Classic Blackjack. Online blackjack is a card game where you can't come up with much new, but you can screw it up a lot. So we were curious about how this provider will deal with blackjack. A provider that doesn’t keep it a secret that slot machine games are a priority to them.

A card classic you'll like

The first impressions were positive. Blackjack is a simple game and we prefer if developers don't complicate it with excessive graphics or a bad layout of game elements. There's no danger in Classic Blackjack. The graphics are plain, but beautiful, Red Tiger also clearly indicated in their slot machines that they strive for visuals and even here, everything is crafted well.

The controls are structured intuitively and logically, and if you play online blackjack regularly, nothing will surprise you. We also have subjectively liked the music, although it's not that important in card games. The artificial changing of the music with ambient sounds was apparently supposed to simulate the noise in a casino.

As far as the rules are concerned, the name of the game suggests we can't get any creative fads here. The game is played with 8 packs of 52 cards and they’re shuffled after each game. You can make bets against the dealer for up to three players, ranging from €1 to €1,000. Your goal is to have 21 points on your hand or be closer to it than the dealer, but the 21 point limit must not be exceeded. For the dealer, they must take hits until their card value is 16 or less. If the cards on their hand score 17 points or more, they no longer take hits.

By default, there are also features such as doubling bets or insurance if the dealer has an ace as a first card. If two identical cards are dealt, you can split them and play with multiple hands. You can only do this once in every round, the second bet being of the same value as the initial one.

Great help for beginners

For beginners, it is great that Red Tiger has incorporated several features into the game to help them both learn the game but also have a higher chance of winning. For example, you can find a Basic Strategy Table in the help section. This table clearly describes what your response to the situation on the table should be.

However, the "Handbook Guides" feature helps the most. It helped us several times to decide whether to draw one more card or not. It works by evaluating on the basis of the Basic Strategy Table in real-time what is statistically the most suitable move for you, and this option will be offered to you. Of course, you can ignore it. For more experienced players it may be unnecessary, but newcomers will 100% appreciate it.

Play the Classic Blackjack in a casino

We had fun with the Classic Blackjack well above just making the review. The game may not speak to you at first, but give it a chance. You'll love it. Try and decide for yourself.

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