Playing Blackjack Responsibly

Playing Blackjack Responsibly

2015-08-07 14:10:41 - Braňo "Ace"

Like other card games, blackjack should be about fun and enjoying a good mood, attractive winnings, and time pleasantly spent. For the vast majority of players, their play never crosses that line beyond which lies the danger of addiction. But there is no law of nature preventing anyone from slipping and landing in the other, darker side of gambling.

How Can I Tell if I Have a Gambling Problem?

The most common mistake is the classic: “It can’t happen to me, I’ve got it under control.” Far from it! It can happen to anyone, and you do have to take care to keep this pleasant pastime from becoming an unpleasant addiction. The hardest thing to do is to admit one’s mistakes, and even harder than that is admitting to yourself that you have a problem. So do not underestimate the symptoms, and keep a preventive eye on how you are doing. Examine yourself with a critical eye and ask yourself a few unpleasant questions:

  • Am I trying to solve my financial situation with gambling?
  • Am I spending more money on gambling than my finances should allow?
  • Am I playing at work?
  • Am I playing several hours every day?
  • Am I spending less time with my family and more on games?
  • Am I playing more often than I am meeting with my friends?
  • Am I constantly trying to win back my financial losses?
  • Am I postponing my problems until “after today’s game?”

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you should pay special attention to your situation. And if you have answered yes to more than one, then it is visibly time to stop playing and start seeking expert help. Because you have a gambling addiction, and it is starting to show itself – or already has.

How Can I Avoid Addiction?

Do not underestimate your desire to play even if you did not answer yes to any of the questions above. Playing should still be mainly about fun and not about a chase after ridiculously high winnings.

It is important to establish and uphold a few steps to keep your gaming from growing into an addiction.

Set financial limits – for wins and losses, so if your wins or losses exceed the certain amount that you have set, stop playing. No matter how well or badly you are doing, no matter if you are at the start, middle, or end of a winning streak, quit for today. That will give you good habits, and if you pick your limits well, you will never go deep into the red.

Set apart a certain time for gaming – set a rational limit on how much time per day you want to spend playing. Then respect that limit. As long as you can do that, there is nothing to fear. Some casinos enable you to set this limit directly within their interface.

Never play under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics – that is a very important condition. Alcohol and other drugs dull your rational thinking. Always play when you are well-rested and fresh. That will ensure you are thinking clearly.

What Should I Do if I Have a Gambling Problem?

If you feel that you cannot handle your gambling problem on your own, seek professional help. Here are a few tips that can help:

But we are confident that your time spent playing will bring you nothing but fun, and that you will never have to turn to the links above.

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