European Blackjack GOLD

European Blackjack GOLD, free online play

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Microgaming

A long and boring night before you? How about a quality game of blackjack by Microgaming? Have you started listening? Well done. Microgaming is traditionally serving us with real quality if you’re not expecting over-combined rules and an intricate interface from blackjack, then the European Blackjack GOLD is the game just for you.

A blackjack table without compromises

If you think blackjack must be a simple game to create, the number of truly spoiled blackjack games will quickly show you otherwise. This one luckily doesn’t belong among them. But from the start, we’re warning you that it is mainly intended for conservative players. Not that it’s boring, not at all, but it mostly follows the classic rules without any unnecessary extempore.

Even the entire interface is without any disturbing elements. The table is divided very intuitively, the graphics are traditionally at a high level and in the background is a fairly pleasant melody. Additionally, there are sound effects from the virtual game room. We admit that we liked it and we felt comfortable playing it. What's more important is that during longer playing none of the elements really got on our nerves. For that, we’re giving the game a plus.

Classic rules just the way we like them

The game itself is very simple. Getting action into blackjack is not very realistic. The game is based on your clicking on the respective buttons with which you regulate your bets and game progress.

We remembered that the game followed the European rules with two packs of 52 cards. Everything happens on a table with five boxes in a semi-circle. During playing you’re facing the dealer who will deal you two cards and one to himself/herself (open).

Then it’s up to you what you’ll do. You can ask for an additional card until you’re sure that you have a better total than the dealer. After that you can, of course, hold anywhere.

The moment when you don’t want any more cards the dealer takes the next card from the pack. When he/she gets a total of 17 or more, he won’t deal any further. If his/her total is lower than 17, he/she deals himself/herself additional cards. If he/she goes over 21, you win. The winnings are yours even if you’re close to 21 than the dealer. If the card total of the dealer and player is equal, this is called a “Push” (draw) and the bet goes back to the player. The options to Split, Double and Insurance are also available but you must have the correct conditions for them which are described in detail in our rules of blackjack.

Try out the European Blackjack GOLD for free

We enjoyed playing the European Blackjack GOLD game and so will other players who like card games as much as we do. It’s ideal for experienced players but also for complete novices. The team recommends playing European Blackjack in the free-play mode before putting in a real deposit. You won’t be wasting money while learning the rules. First, try everything out and then play for the real winnings. We wish you good luck.

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