European Blackjack Redeal Gold

European Blackjack Redeal Gold, free online play

Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club Microgaming

It is quite common for players to seek out new casino games, among others because they’d like to find something that can offer them a fresh gaming experience. Something that they might have not experienced yet and that could make their gaming even more enjoyable. And European Blackjack Redeal Gold is a game that certainly offers such an experience.

REDEAL - a feature that’ll give you many sleepless nights

If the name sounds familiar, there’s a reason for that. The game, developed by MICROGAMING, is a follow-up to European Blackjack Gold, a game we have already reviewed. So, how do these games differ from each other? Well, there’s one very interesting and unique difference.

The new game allows you to re-evaluate and “redeal” your assigned cards. In practice this means that if you are not happy with your cards, you can simply have them redealt. Of course, this doesn’t come for free - but the costs vary. But if the potential win is small, then redealing is for free. As expected, you can’t redeal if you get a blackjack and when you split your hand. So, what do you think? It’s a great thing, isn’t it? Surely, you too have run into situations where you thought that the croupier had no chance to win - and then he’d whip out a blackjack. By the way, you can also redeal the croupier’s cards. The function can be used up to 5 times.

Other functions

Just like in European Blackjack Gold, the REDEAL version also offers the Double, Split and Insurance functions, which altogether mean that the game is more entertaining and (with a little bit of luck) also more rewarded.

In all other aspects, European Blackjack Redeal Gold is exactly like classical blackjack. At the beginning of the game you place a bet (1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 €). If you think that the value of your two initial cards is sufficient, simply click on STAND. If not, you can get another card by clicking on HIT. Your opponent is the croupier, who will keep drawing until he/she holds cards valued 17 or more. If you and the croupier hold the same sum then the situation is a so-called PUSH, which means you’ll get your initial bet back.

European Blackjack Redeal Gold - also available for free

We are happy to say that we give thumbs up to Microgaming’s developers for this type of online blackjack. Not only because of the aforementioned properties, but the well-made graphics and great sound effects immediately evoke the feeling of sitting at a blackjack table in a brick-and-mortar casino. You, too, can try European Blackjack Redeal GOLD. In fact, it’s completely free to do so. Want to bet that you’ll spend at least one hour playing the game?

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