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Online game Cashback Blackjack for free
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Author: Playtech
Number of decks: 6
Rules for dealer: Does not take hits if he reaches 17 with a soft hand
Return to Player (RTP): 99.55 %
Mobile version: Yes
Other properties of the game: Main bets, additional bets, Cashback

Blackjack is an amazing card game, but it can cost not only a lot of time but also a lot of money. Especially impatient players quickly get pulled in by its dynamics. This is also why the authors of blackjack games not only try to get you into the game but also to keep you there. And thanks to its features the Cashback Blackjack from Playtech has a big chance at entertaining you and not letting you go to another blackjack game.

We like blackjack the way it is. Conservative, comfortable, without significant changes to the game’s mechanisms. However, here and there some developers manage to surprise us with a novelty that fits us and we like to forget all our prejudices against new card games. Cashback Blackjack is exactly this case.

Rules how we like them

At a glance, it's a stale blackjack game from Playtech. Visually standard, with classic blackjack rules and no game fads. Just start playing, and everything is different. The game will offer you a few pleasant options to make your experience more interesting and to earn more money than with the classic way of playing.

Let’s take things step-by-step. Cashback Blackjack is more or less governed by the standard Las Vegas Strip rules. There are some exceptions that you’ll read about. We will only quickly mention that it’s played with 6 decks of cards, and the cards used are returned to the appropriate package once the round is played. As always, you can double your bet during the round, and split cards if you have two equals. However, be careful here, if they are aces, you are entitled to only one card for each ace. The dealer is obliged to draw cards until the value of his cards exceeds 16. Once the common value of his cards is 17 or more, he must remain standing.

Your goal is to play a blackjack, but also if the sum of your cards is closer to 21 than the dealer. However, you must not exceed 21, otherwise, you lose. The great news is that if you play blackjack, that means you reach 21 with two cards, the game pays out 1.5 times your original bet. It is worth mentioning the use of the 10-card Charlie rule. This is activated in those cases if you have already pulled 10 cards and you are still not out. In this case, if the dealer doesn't play blackjack, you win automatically.

New gaming features that we like even more

However, let's get to the best of the gaming functions, one of which gave the game a name. So we can start with it. Cashback, or respectively cash refunding, as the function is called, can always be used after the cards are dealt. For example, if you think the dealer has better cards than you do, you can click the Refund button and you’ll get the appropriate amount back. Watch out, it’s not the entire bet. The game will always calculate what the probability of your win/loss is and offers you the resulting amount accordingly. This is a great feature for newbies because they don't have to worry that a longer non-winning streak would ruin them. You just have to get paid out and even if you lose a certain amount, it's always better than losing the entire bet.

In addition to the Cashback, you will also have several well-made additional bets. We don't normally use them at all, but here we quickly got used to them and quite often tried them. We're talking about three additional bets - the player’s perfect pair, the dealer’s perfect pair, and a 21 + 3 bet.

If you bet on the player's perfect pair or the dealer’s you win if the first two cards of the player/dealer are a perfect pair, colored pair, or red/black pair. If you bet on option 21 + 3, you will win if your first two cards and the dealer's first card are a flush, a straight, a one-color straight, or a three-card with the same character.

And what do the perfect pairs mean? The perfect pair will be reached when your first two cards or the dealer’s cards form a pair with the same character. A pair of red/black pays out if your or dealer's two cards form a pair of the same suit with a different character; or different color with a different character. We explained the 21 + 3 bet above.

Play the Cashback Blackjack in a casino

It may sound complicated, but you don't have to worry, you get used to it, and after a few games, you won't have a problem knowing your way with the additional bets. We wrote that Cashback Blackjack is especially recommended for newbies. But thanks to several functions beyond the standard, we are sure that experienced players will have fun as well. We don't consider ourselves to be beginners and had tons of fun. You have no reason to hesitate.

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