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Evaluation by Grisio VIP Club EASIT

In truth, we had no idea what awaits us when we planned to review the hot new game Blackjack Mania from the authors of EASIT. But we have to admit that from the beginning it pleasantly surprised us. It hooked us with its simple and welcoming environment. The attractive look and discreet calming background music increase the pleasure for card players. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t hesitate and try it yourself.

Standard blackjack rules

The Blackjack Mania online game is played with six virtual packs of 52 cards that are shuffled after every round. It intertwines classic rules of the most popular card game and improvements for increasing attractiveness. As with every game of blackjack, the known values of the cards are added for both the dealer and player without the use of a joker. The object of the game is to not only achieve the magical total of 21 but to also beat the dealer within the rules of blackjack.

At the start of the game, you place a bet with the help of 5 chip types (0.5, 1, 5, 10, 20) after which you always get two cards. After that, you have at least 2 options available. STAND, if the number of points you’ve reached is enough or HIT in case you want another card.

Specialties and functions in the Blackjack Mania online game

The DOUBLE option appears in case the total of your two initial cards is 9, 10 or 11. In that case, you can double your bet. What follows, however, is only one-third card and after the dealer’s turn comes the round evaluation. Aside from the below-mentioned evaluation in case, there is a draw between the dealer and player, the evaluation is also added with the so-called PUSH when the player's bet is returned.

SPLIT is available anytime the two initial cards have the same value. If you agree with it, split the started round into two parallel games in which you have one card per each. The bet for the game will double in which each game has the same bet as was the first one. You continue with “stand” or “hit” unless the two split cards are 2 aces. In that case, you only take one card and the round ends and is evaluated. During a “split” it is not also possible to get a “blackjack” – a total of 21 with the first two cards in hand in a given game. If that happens after the “split” then the goal is a classic total of 21. The difference is in the evaluation of the game. A classical “blackjack” is evaluated as 3:2 in Blackjack Mania and on the other hand the total of 21 “only” by winning the bet at a ratio of 1:1.

The INSURANCE option is interesting in that if the first card on the dealer's hand is an Ace, you can insure yourself against a potential “blackjack”. If you agree with the insurance, you are placing another half of the bet into the game. If the dealer truly does get a “blackjack” you get back the insurance and double its height. It is paid out at a rate of 2:1.

Aside from these functions, the limit interval in the Blackjack Mania online card game excited us as it is significantly wider than in other blackjack games. A small proposal for improvement is to add a chip in the exclusive limit with a higher nominal value than the highest 20.

Blackjack Mania for free first

The game has very simple and intuitive controls. You will leave the soothing music on for the entire duration of the game and the interesting graphic details will let the pleasure of playing absolutely stand out. We believe that you will like to try out this excellent version of blackjack.

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