Alternative Blackjack strategies

Alternative Blackjack strategies

2013-06-13 16:04:49 -

There is probably no other game in the world where selecting the right strategy is as important as in blackjack. There are plenty of blackjack strategies out there, promising players fairytale winnings. For the inexperienced, however, they can be unprofitable. We will explain two of these strategies that often lead to players losing.

"Never bust" strategy

The rules of this strategy state that when a player has cards amounting to a score between twelve and sixteen, then he/she does not hit. He/she then waits and hopes the dealer (casino) busts, resulting in the player winning. Should you choose to start with this strategy, you should know that the casino's advantage increases by almost 4%, making it a very unfavourable strategy.

"Copycat" strategy

Players that adopt this strategy presume it is better to play blackjack the same way as the dealer. Dealers are more experienced so they know what they're doing. With the "copycat" strategy, the player hits when he/she has cards with a score of 16 or less. Should the player hold a card total of 17 or more, he/she stays.

The biggest mistake players make is in not taking advantage of splits or double downs. This option is not available to the dealer. And this is one of the most important plays leading to major winnings, not only in online blackjack. Should you choose to copy the dealer, the casino's advantage increases by up to 5.5%.

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